The Boathouse, Qawra. A gluten free heaven.

Aaahhh, cross contamination. Our sworn enemy. A huge problem for people with gluten related disorders when dining out.

Do you worry about it when ordering a gluten free pizza? How about stressing about whether the chef will use the same colander or use the same water when boiling gluten free and gluten pasta? Even a simple, naturally gluten free dish like grilled meat or fish with salad is not immune to cross contamination risk if surfaces are not wiped down properly, if the chef’s hands are not constantly washed, if there is flour in the environment, and on the chef’s clothing, and if many more factors are not controlled.

If you are like me, and worry about traces of gluten in your food, you are in luck. The boathouse Qawra is heaven for people like us.


This is not some grand, fancy restaurant. In fact it is quite an unassuming restaurant that boasts stunning views right on the waterfront. But it is special.

The chef, Alessandro Patti, is knowledgeable and extremely friendly- always ready to greet you with a huge smile on his face, and to have a small chat about dietary requirements.  Although he hails from Sicily, his English is impeccable. The waitress, Martha is a sweetheart, and cannot be nicer. But that is not all. What makes this restaurant special is the fact that the whole Italian menu is gluten free. You can just sit down, and order whatever you like from the Italian menu. The most amazing pizzas, pasta dishes, grills, seafood, yummy desserts and ice cream. All gluten free and all really good.


Starters at The Boathouse. Oh my!


Pizza! Yeay!


One of the best arancini I have ever tasted. Crunchy on the outside with a lovely flavour.

The chef makes the most amazing fresh gluten free bread I have ever tasted. He sells his own bread and pizza bases from his restaurant.


fresh out of the oven.

The strange thing is that this restaurant serves Chinese food too. This is not gluten free. But there are two separate kitchens for Italian and Chinese food, with two separate chefs. The kitchens are totally cut off from each other, each one a room of its own with its own door- not one kitchen with two sections. The waitress, does not serve Chinese food, to prevent any cross contamination problems. The Chinese chef serves his own food. What is great is that they are so careful, that they even have separate cutlery racks for Chinese and Italian food.

Guess what I heard? They might be making the Chinese totally gluten free too. Now that’s some interesting and exciting news…

I urge you all to try it out. Let me know what you think.


One thought on “The Boathouse, Qawra. A gluten free heaven.

  1. I’ve been there this summer – and really enjoyed it. For once I had all the menu at my disposal! Felt good too. Regards,

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